Instructor’s Bio

Dr. Habib is the Thomas A. Page professor of Civil Engineering at Purdue University and the Co-Director of the Civil Engineering Center for Applications of UAS for a Sustainable Environment (CE-CAUSE). He is also the Associate Director of Purdue University’s Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP). Dr. Habib’s research interests span the fields of terrestrial and aerial mobile mapping systems. He has been focusing on modeling the perspective geometry of non-traditional imaging scanners, automatic matching and change detection, automatic calibration of low-cost digital cameras, object recognition in imagery and point cloud data, LiDAR mapping, and integrating photogrammetric data with other sensors/datasets (e.g., GNSS/INS, GIS databases, multi- and hyper-spectral sensors, and LiDAR). Over the last seven years, he has been involved in the development, integration, and utilization of wheel-based and UAV-based mobile mapping systems for a wide range of applications in precision agriculture, geometric documentation of transportation corridors, digital forestry, crash scene reconstruction, cultural heritage documentation, environmental management, and infrastructure monitoring.