Prof. Dr. Gomaa Mohamed Dawod
Prof. Gomaa Dawod obtained BSC in Surveying Engineering in 1985, MSC in 1991, PhD in 1998, and Professor Degree in 2009. He has high-quality field experiences in several branches of Geomatics, particularly in satellite-based geodetic networks, geoid modelling, gravity, GIS applications, and environmental studies. He has participated in numerous surveying and mapping projects on national and regional levels. Also, he has published more than eighty papers, developed twenty books in Arabic, along with more than two-hundred training videos. He has supervised many academic thesis in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and refereed many manuscripts in international journals. In addition, he attained several national and international prizes for his overall achievements. Recently, he is a consultant for some governmental organizations in Egypt. Currently, he is professor emirate in the Survey Research Institute (SRI), National Water Research Center (NWRC), Egypt.