Laser scanning 2023 is the 12th of a series of ISPRS workshops covering various aspects of space-borne, airborne, mobile and terrestrial laser scanning in, indoor, underground and outdoor environments. The workshop brings together experts who focus on processing and using point cloud data acquired from laser scanners and other active 3D imaging systems, such as range cameras and gaming sensors including terrestrial, mobile, aerial, unoccupied aerial and space-borne sensing platforms. Topics include all aspects related to sensor calibration, data acquisition and data processing including notably registration, feature extraction, classification, segmentation, object detection, big data processing, data fusion, 3D modelling, BIM and change analysis. The workshop will be part of the ISPRS Geospatial Week 2023 and in Cairo, Egypt in parallel with several related geospatial workshops. The event will be held as a two-day single-track workshop of oral presentations and poster sessions. 


Themes of event:

•      Airborne, terrestrial, automotive, bathymetric LIDAR

•      Range imaging and gaming sensors

•      Single Photon LIDAR, Multi-spectral LIDAR, Solid-state LIDAR

•      Ubiquitous point cloud sensing and mapping


System and Signal analysis

•      Sensor and system calibration and validation

•      Error modelling

•      Data fusion (LiDAR, RADAR, imagery)

•      Denoising


Point Cloud Processing

•      Point cloud registration & denoising

•      Segmentation

•      Classification

•      fusion

•      3D Modelling

•      Feature extraction and object recognition

•      Change analysis

•      Big Data processing

•      Scan-to-BIM



•        Thematic mapping and monitoring

•        Modelling anthropogenic and natural areas

•        Natural resource mapping

•        Biodiversity assessment

•        Precision farming

•        Forest mapping and carbon storage

•        Geohazards analysis

•        Infrastructure monitoring

•        Large-scale urban modelling





Scientific Committee:



Supporting ISPRS Working Groups:
  • WG II/2 Point cloud acquisition and processing